Humility at Work

Scripture Reading: James 2


Thoughtfully consider the following expressions on humility at work:

“This visible, earthly world is still God’s creation: one should not condemn it as a valley of tears; it is really the miracle work of God. And this earthly life is the life that God gives us, which it is our task to develop. Here is our place of work, the vineyard in which the Lord calls and places us.…Here are the neighbors whom we ought to love; whether we have been true to the realization of the talents entrusted to us will be decided when we are called to give an accounting. Therefore we must, so long as this life still lasts, give our whole attention to it and confidently allow what awaits us on the other side of death’s line to come upon us when it comes.”~Emil Bruner (I Believe in the Living God)

“I have experienced many human weaknesses, many human frailties, and I still experience them. But we need to use them. We need to work for Christ with a humble heart, with the humility of Christ. He comes and uses us to be his love and compassion in the world in spite of our weaknesses and frailties.” ~Mother Teresa (No Greater Love)

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