Cleaning Carports

Scripture Reading:
Hebrews 10

My wife and I returned from our spring break vacation resolute to change our diet and conditioning. A mainstay of the plan is to alternate strong walking with strength training.  Our first day back included a brisk three mile walk on the dam, so the next was time to break out the Bowflex and deadweights. That’s when the plan hit a snag. I’ve needed to clean the carport all winter because leaves tend to accumulate there as if hibernating or laying low and hiding from who knows what–leaves on top of leaves, with a great many of them blanketing our exercise equipment. Before we could flex and lift, I had to bend and rake. I worked on clearing the Bowflex so my wife could begin, and continued sweeping and raking and shoveling to see the floor again. Who knew you could do yard work under a carport? Long after my wife completed her workout I continued my battle with winter clutter. An hour or so later I called it quits; it was too late and I was too spent to lift anything else, so I retreated to my easy chair and a cup of coffee with blueberry fig newtons for comfort.

Leaves aren’t the only things I allow to accumulate. Unsightly emotions have done some hibernating of their own forming clutter that stifles effort toward spiritual strength training and diminishes intensity and focus on what matters most. Discipleship contradicts clutter and demands stringent attention to whatever threatens the heart. Only when the garbage is removed am I able to see what needs to be done.

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