Daddy’s Arms

Scripture Reading: Galatians 4:1-7

We can learn a lot about God in this life if we know where to look. Hopefully we encounter him when we gather in houses of worship, but we stumble upon him most naturally and frequently during the ordinary courses of our lives. These days I’m learning volumes from our daughter’s experience with foster children. Sally, has been with them a third of her tender two-plus years of life, and to her, Heath is Daddy and Mandy is Mommy. We are Papa and JoJo, just like we are to all our grandchildren. 

The family attended a Police Department party recently, and it just so happens that Sally is a party animal. A number of months before she arrived barefoot and dirty, but on this night she wore a party dress, sporting a bow in her ringlets and glittery shoes on clean feet. She wouldn’t leave the dance floor. Friends cut a rug with her, but Sally mostly wanted Heath, calling him Daddy, having the time of her young life–twirling her way even deeper into all of our hearts. That is the way of our Everlasting Father: He takes us as we are, cleans us up and gives us his best, encourages us to call him Daddy even though we shouldn’t, and dances with us forever. Heaven is having the time of our lives in our Daddy’s arms. 

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