Superior Force

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:18-39

“Only the sufferings of Christ are valuable in the sight of God, who hates evil, and to him they are valuable chiefly as a sign. The death of Jesus on the cross has an infinite meaning and value not because it is a death, but because it is the death of the Son of God. The cross of Christ says nothing of the power of suffering or of death. It speaks only of the power of him who overcame both suffering and death by rising from the grave.” ~Thomas Merton

I’m told there is no plot without conflict, and the same must be true for my own narrative. Growth is not possible apart from struggle and hardship, but the difference made by the cradle and the cross is that Christ enters the foray with us. He doesn’t fight the battles for us, but instead faces the enemy side by side with us to the extent that he sways the outcome in our favor. We are more than conquerors because he is in us and that always adds up to superior force.

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