When Grace Fades to Gray

I am saddened by many things today, but think what concerns most is the condemnation by some believers of those who oppose the Supreme Court’s ruling. I have come to expect such diatribes from those opposed to the Cross, but am chagrined at those who claim to know better who claim any stance on biblical morality as closed minded, narrow, or inequitable. These intimate that Jesus was misguided when stating that his Way is narrow. Make no mistake about it–Grace never diminishes sin; whispers whenever possible and shouts if need be that we need not remain in sin nor be defined by it. When grace fades into any shade of gray, the light is indistinguishable from the night.

One thought on “When Grace Fades to Gray

  1. Thank you for this. You shared Gods truth so eloquently. I have been so saddened today. Tonight I am at a Quartets Across America Concert……a gathering of several Southern Gospel Quartets singing all about Jesus. Brings back so many great memories of growing up listening to the Blackwood Brothers,etc and of dad singing in quartets. They have so beautifully proclaimed that this world so desperately needs Jesus. May we as Gods people humble ourselves and pray!

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