I am grateful to Major Kirby Dendy, recently retired chief of the Texas Rangers, for agreeing to write a foreword to my upcoming book, Ordinary Glory: Finding grace in the commonplace. The following is an excerpt from his comments: 
In Ordinary Glory, Dr. Fowlkes shares observations and experiences in his life that demonstrate God’s grace in a number of everyday situations and conditions we have all likely experienced. Like seeing beauty in unlikely things such as a leaf or spider web, he provides examples of how grace may be found in areas where we may not have previously recognized its presence, such as in relationships and interactions with family, friends and even strangers. The real trick, at least for me, is being capable of discerning it for what it is. Jesus repeats throughout scripture that those with eyes should see and those with ears should hear. More than once while reading Ordinary Glory, I felt the need to be fitted with glasses because Dane did such a masterful job of pointing out situations I, too, had experienced yet had not recognized, much less appreciated the presence of God’s grace. Repeatedly, his observations made me think, “Yeah, I know exactly what he’s talking about….never thought of it that way, but he’s right; God’s handprint is all over that.”  
Dr. Fowlkes provides a perspective and clear writing style I find refreshing and enjoyable. In Ordinary Glory he doesn’t delve into deep theological theory, debate, history or the extraneous issues related thereto. He takes common situations most all of us have experienced and gives us simple, easily understandable explanations of how God is present in our lives showering us with love even though we have done absolutely nothing to deserve it. From my point of view, the beauty and value of Ordinary Glory is that it provides a sense of enlightenment that sharpens my vision, but more importantly it refines my discernment capabilities to better recognize God’s grace in my own life in situations and ways I previously would not have believed possible. Dane’s superior communication skills provide a level of clarity that was not previously present in my ability to see God’s grace; it is now almost as clearly visible as the beauty of His creation. This is certainly no ordinary or commonplace achievement. Dane has done an exceptional job and it is my wish that you find it as enjoyable, enlightening and valuable as I have.

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