My wife and I approach life from opposing default settings. Mine leans toward intention while my wife’s is set resolutely on action. The chasm is clear almost daily. For example, my wife may state in an understated manner, “The rose bed needs weeding.” I readily agree, of course, because it does, but almost as quickly I think–it will be cooler in the late evening or early morning; better yet, next month will undoubtedly be much more pleasant than right now. My shoulder should be well in three-to-four weeks. Perhaps I’ll find someone I could pay to do it for us. When my wife says the rose bed needs weeding, she means we should whip it out in the next hour; there’s no time like the present. We agree on the desired outcome, but are worlds apart on how to get there. By the way, I finally did extract the weeds, and only a couple of months after the initial “suggestion.”

God and I start from eternally different default settings. We may agree on the desired outcome, say “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,” but again I lean decidedly towards intention while my Father means right now, in this place, with these people, from within my sphere of influence. Intent versus action summarizes Satan’s game plan. He doesn’t dare deny the truth of the Gospel to me; he doesn’t need to. All he need do is convince me to delay or forget, and I play right into his hands. “What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing” (Pablo Picasso). Inaction invalidates intent every time. 

One thought on “Intentions

  1. I think most men could relate to your comments and wonder why doe the wife spaklike that. I have sound during my walk with Christ that I have acted asif I did not understand but I did. When Marry says this needs to be done I now tell her when it will be done by me. If she wants it done now she does it . My God opften has to get it done by some one other than me.


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