Change the World

I’m back on a plane today, although this trek will take me to New Orleans rather than to the other side of the world like I experienced last week. Only God knows what I’ll learn and who I might influence this time around, but I can say that God reminded me last week in Cambodia that you can change the world–one prayer at a time. It wasn’t as much sudden insight as a slow dawning that rose through every conversation I enjoyed with Christian leaders from across South and Southeast Asia and the Pacific. We shared meals and conversation, but mostly we prayed. Years ago Andrew Murray wrote, “With Christ in the School of Prayer,” but in Siem Reap I received an education on how to pray from individuals from India, Nepal, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. When these women and men of God address the Father, they clearly expect him to hear and respond. My own faith frequently falls short, but their confidence in God bolsters my own. The common thread running through all our conversations with one another and with the Father was that God’s activity flows in sync with our praying. 

In my final time of small group prayer before leaving Siem Reap, I had the enormous privilege of being paired with Jeffrey from Papua New Guinea. I will never forget what Jeffrey requested for he and I. He prayed, “God make us arrows of revival. Fashion us as arrows of destiny.” The written word cannot convey the power of that moment, as a simple man caught the hem of Christ’s garment and refused to let go until he was confident to receive what was requested. I find myself in quiet moments now uttering that same prayer, “God make me an arrow of revival, an arrow of destiny.” We can change the world–one arrow at a time. 

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