All Things

The following was written a few weeks ago by my step daughter. Although referring to a photo that I’ve chosen to omit, its meaning and importance are unmistakable. I cannot think of anything better to share this Mother’s Day:

I took this picture on Easter; we joked looking at it right after that they matched and we didn’t even plan it. I went on through the day taking lots more pictures not thinking about what I had captured. A few days later it hit me… 

You see Dane was adopted, he was born in an orphanage in New Orleans and then he went to his forever home. Also, Dane is my step father, and although it feels like he has been a part of our lives forever, he has been married to my Mom for 10 years. Nineteen months ago Lucille was brought to our home and I can tell you that when they handed her over to me I sat at our table filling out the stack of paperwork required and the thought went through my mind that I was going to be this little girl’s mother. Yesterday she was officially adopted into our family forever. NOW looking at this picture it represents so much more!!! Here are two people that I love more than I can express, who love each other more than they can express, that given their stories should not be grandfather and granddaughter, but they are! Our God is a BIG God!! 

We are human, we see things through a very small tunnel sometimes, God sees the whole picture! The road to this family was not always easy, there has been pain, sorrow, and difficult circumstances. There are times in the journey when we cannot see the purpose or reason behind pain. The beauty is that God promised to never leave us and He is in control. I never could have imagined any of this, but God knew the story before it was written. God brought this family together, as it says in Romans “working everything together for good.” When I look at this picture I see our God is real, He loves us, and He is in control!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

One thought on “All Things

  1. Such a gracious thought to share with us. In many families not only is the child chosen to be in home by God but also by the parents. From the time we held our son we loved him. During his lifetime of 33 years he said,” God must really love me because he choose you to be my mom and my dad.” Sometime Dane when we tlk I will tell you about my son.


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