“You’re something between a dream and a miracle.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

She unexpectedly entered my life ten years ago and nothing has been the same since. Grace is always a surprise; a dream you could not have imagined, a miracle you would never have dreamed could come true. I need not remind myself of what I would not have if I received what I deserve–I can see her from here. For reasons I will never fully fathom, a God of grace placed her heart in mine, and ten years later I am more the man He created me to be than I was before we met.

“Earth’s crammed with heaven… But only he who sees, takes off his shoes.”

I detect something of divine pleasure when staggered by the thought of all life is with her, and the sad depths of what it would be without her. I am left with breathless gratitude; an endless debt. To describe this tenth anniversary as merely “happy” would undercut the profound current of joy that colors us with hues of mercy and satisfaction. God is highly exalted, yet my wife is his hand sweeping low to lift me beyond myself. 

One thought on “Anniversary

  1. Love this! We serve a great God who knew the plans he had for us even in our darkest time. He has blessed beyond measure! I remain overjoyed when I see and know the deep love and utmost joy you and Jo bring into each other’s lives. Blessings on your 10th anniversary!

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