“The time is always right to do what is right.”

—Martin Luther King, Jr. (from Oberlin College Commencement speech, 1965)

Public exposure of private misconduct is both epidemic and inevitable. We may be caught by surprise when well-known figures tumble from public grace, but the fallout hearkens back to a simple truth: “Beware, your sins will find you out.” Epic failure follows the moment we convince ourselves privacy is license for injustice of any ilk; injustice emerges anytime personal preference or desire usurps the rights of another.

“But as for me, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might.” Micah 3:8

On the surface it appears that Micah is boasting about the contrast between himself as prophet of God over against certain false prophets “who lead my people astray” (3:5). Perhaps Micah does feel a bit of righteous indignation at this point, but the purpose of his declaration is far afield from gloating. The prophet recognizes injustice in the land as an affront to Almighty God, and equates spiritual power with reclamation of justice. God rails against injustice and champions the downtrodden. Spirit-fullness is never self-centered or self-serving. Spiritual power on display always results in shalom; life becomes whole again for those broken by circumstance and conspiracy.

Awakening is solely the work of the Spirit. I can no more cause myself to be awakened than a raccoon can become a mountain lion. What I am charged with is surrender–that is solely my responsibility. Surrender is the only remedy for injustice. While I cannot quicken my spirit to the Spirit of God, I can and must relinquish control to Sovereign Father. I stand in the way of my own deliverance. I dare not trust my emotions; they are far too fickle as to instill confidence at any level. I fling myself at the feet of One who hears me and knows tomorrow. He is best positioned to shape and use me for purposes higher than I would ever choose for myself; it is cruel to settle for the desires of my heart unless filtered through grace and divine intent. A hurting world awaits the outcome.

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