January 21

“None of these things move me.” Acts 20:24

“Tribulation is the way to triumph. The valley-way opens into the highway. Tribulation’s imprint is on all great things. Crowns are cast in crucibles. Chains of character that wind about the feet of God are forged in earthly flames. No man is greatest victor till he has trodden the winepress of woe. With seams of anguish deep in His brow, the ‘Man of Sorrows’ said, ‘In the world ye shall have tribulation’—but after this sob comes the psalm of promise, ‘Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.’ The footprints are traceable everywhere. Bloodmarks stain the steps that lead to thrones. Sears are the price of scepters. Our crowns will be wrested from the giants we conquer. Grief has always been the lot of greatness. It is an open secret.” (Streams in the Desert)

Do not lead a sloppy private life. Avoid carelessness in your hidden moments because all future public battles hang in the balance. Disciples are termed such because they stay at the learning regardless of popularity or pain. Christ-followers enjoy a rigorous regimen of self-control and surrender; these are not conflicting actions. Self-control allows me to have something worth surrendering to Father. Grief, grace, consternation, endurance, and a measure of innocence are necessary for a life that triumphs in the end.

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