February 18

“Have faith that whatever you ask for in prayer is already granted you, and you will find that it will be.” Mark 11:24

It is so human to want sight when we step out on the promises of God, but our Savior said to Thomas, and to the long roll of doubters who have ever since followed him: “Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet have believed.” (Streams in the Desert)

Faith is not financial transaction; it is relationship. Those who promote belief as the necessary portal for a desired dividend miss the point altogether. God Almighty is not at our disposal to manipulate according to whims and pleasure. The so-called ‘prosperity gospel’ lowers faith to the level of Aladdin’s lamp; rub God the right way and all your dreams will materialize. The Scriptures enjoin faith because it takes us to the end of ourselves and ushers us into the heart of God. As your understanding depends, your focus shifts upward. You no longer try to convince God to act; you believe He will because you know He abounds in love and mercy toward His children. Know the Father and you act more like a son or daughter instead of a tenant or client.

If faith is relationship, prayer is much more alignment than activity. I believe best when my heart aligns with God himself and the moment His interests begin to dictate my own. In this way, prayer consists largely of listening, granting space and thought to what the Father wants. Along the way faith becomes life, and every thought translates into divine dialogue.

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