March 8

“So now, O Lord, may the promise you made about your servant and his family become a permanent reality! Do as you promised, so it may become a reality and you may gain lasting fame, as people say, ‘The Lord who commands armies is the God of Israel.’ David’s dynasty will be established before you.” 1 Chronicles 17:23-24

Every promise of Scripture is a writing of God, which may be pleaded before Him with this reasonable request: “Do as Thou hast said.” The Creator will not cheat His creature who depends upon His truth; and far more, the Heavenly Father will not break His word to His own child. . . . It is the everlasting faithfulness of God that makes a Bible promise “exceeding great and precious.” Human promises are often worthless. Many a broken promise has left a broken heart. But since the world was made, God has never broken a single promise made to one of His trusting children. Oh, it is sad for a poor Christian to stand at the door of the promise, in the dark night of affliction, afraid to draw the latch, whereas he should then come boldly for shelter as a child into his father’s house.

Every promise is built upon four pillars: God’s justice and holiness, which will not suffer Him to deceive; His grace or goodness, which will not suffer Him to forget; His truth, which will not suffer Him to change, which makes Him able to accomplish. (Streams in the Desert)

I looked up to him in more ways than one. He stood six feet two inches tall, and had the looks to go along with his stature. Add to his physique a winsome personality, sense of humor, and musicality, and one might easily see why people were drawn to him. I admired him as much for the man he was as I did because he was my father. He was successful at teaching life lessons when you would least expect it, and I hold onto these in my later years like a thirsty man to a satisfying cup of water. Two things he taught me early in life by word and example were to always greet a man with a firm handshake—no limp wrist, “kitchen towel” handshakes for my dad—and do whatever it takes to keep your word. I never knew my father to break either mandate.

Promises are not to be taken lightly, largely because character is proven by the measure to which we adhere to them. The Father always stands by His Word since His character is flawless. Determine that a Bible promise is yours to claim, then thank God and appropriate in faith what God assures will happen. Between now and then, seek to know the Father in deepening degree; your resolve strengthens or weakens in proportion to firsthand experience with God’s character.

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