March 11

“After Moses the Lord’s servant died, the Lord said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ assistant: “Moses my servant is dead. Get ready! Cross the Jordan River! Lead these people into the land which I am ready to hand over to them.” Joshua 1:1-2

Sorrow came to you yesterday, and emptied your home. Your first impulse now is to give up, and sit down in despair amid the wrecks of your hopes. But you dare not do it. You are in the line of battle, and the crisis is at hand. To falter a moment would be to imperil some holy interest. Other lives would be harmed by your pausing, holy interests would suffer, should your hands be folded. You must not linger even to indulge your grief. (Streams in the Desert)

Most complications result from unforced errors on my part, but from time-to-time adversity affects me that is beyond even my ability to orchestrate. When problems materialize, be they health or relationship related, the most natural response is to question, “Why?”—an endless rabbit hole that rarely leads to any beneficial conclusion. The better response to adversity is “What now?” Without minimizing the suffering I feel and fear that may continue, I turn resolutely to the Father. What should I do? Should I do anything at all? I will not waste my life wandering the wilderness of regret; I choose to move toward the light my Father shines on the next step.

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