March 26

“Look from the place where thou art, northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: for all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it.” Genesis 13:14-15

All you can apprehend in the vision of faith is your own. Look as far as you can, for it is all yours. All that you long to be as a Christian, all that you long to do for God, are within the possibilities of faith. Then come, still closer, and with your Bible before you, and your soul open to all the influences of the Spirit, let your whole being receive the baptism of His presence; and as He opens your understanding to see all His fulness, believe He has it all for you. Accept for yourself all the promises of His word, all the desires He awakens within you, all the possibilities of what you may be as a follower of Jesus. All the land you see is given to you. (Streams in the Desert)

Our family gathered to lend support. The least likely of our grandchildren was slated to sing a solo during his church’s Palm Sunday choir program. He will soon be nine-years-old, and to say he is a handful would be an understatement. We have attended such occasions before, only to witness fear silence him or cause other odd reactions. Suffice to say I was not expecting much this time around, but not long into the program I was struck by a surprising change in his demeanor. He knew the words to the songs, and facial expression matched the lyrical moment in a soulful way. He sang with his heart.

The second song of the set was his solo. By this time, I strained forward in the pew, eyes and ears tuned to his unmistakable voice and priceless expression. He closed his eyes, opened his throat, and belted out the folk spiritual, “Wade in the Water.” I could hardly believe it was him. Involuntarily, I wiped away years of fear and concern, washed clean by a pure heart expressing simple love. He carried me on the faith journey with him—at that moment it became easy to believe anything is possible. Never underestimate what God wants and is able to do in someone, including yourself. The Father delights to reward generous, selfless faith.

Wade in the water,

Wade in the water children.

Wade in the water,

God’s gonna trouble the water.

You don’t believe I’ve been redeemed,

Wade in the water.

Just so the whole lake goes looking for me

God’s gonna trouble the water.

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