May 22

“He worketh.” Psalm 37:5

The translation that we find in Young of “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass,” reads: “Roll upon Jehovah thy way; trust upon him: and he worketh.” It calls our attention to the immediate action of God when we truly commit, or roll out of our hands into His, the burden of whatever kind it may be; a way of sorrow, of difficulty, of physical need, or of anxiety for the conversion of some dear one.

“He worketh.” When? Now. We are so in danger of postponing our expectation of His acceptance of the trust, and His undertaking to accomplish what we ask Him to do, instead of saying as we commit, “He worketh.” “He worketh” even now; and praise Him that it is so.

But someone may say, “I see no results.” Never mind. “He worketh,” if you have rolled it over and are looking to Jesus to do it. Faith may be tested, but “He worketh”; the Word is sure! (Streams in the Desert)

I did the logical thing and searched online for a florist located where I needed flowers to be sent. The wife of a friend had passed away following an extended battle with cancer, but my work required me to be literally on the other side of the country on the day of her memorial service, so I wanted a tangible expression of my concern. I called the number listed, fully expecting an impersonal business conversation about a very personal matter. To make matters worse, the connection was static-filled, making my difficult task even more so. I did my best to explain my purpose and need, and despite the static on the phone I detected the woman crying on the other end of the line. Providentially, the florist was a member of my friend’s church, and knew my friend’s family well. She took my request to heart, and when I thanked her for her compassion she explained that she sees her business as her ministry. God was at work.

God is never idle. Invoking the Almighty’s Presence is a misnomer; He is working before I arrive on the scene, and will continue long after I depart. We cannot convince God to join what we are doing despite praying until we’re blue in the face. We can, however, request ability to recognize where and how God is working so that we may join Him in the effort.

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