June 5

“Ask for a confirming sign from the Lord your God. You can even ask for something miraculous.” Isaiah 7:11

We must keep on praying and waiting upon the Lord, until the sound of a mighty rain is heard. There is no reason why we should not ask for large things; and without doubt we shall get large things if we ask in faith, and have the courage to wait with patient perseverance upon Him, meantime doing those things which lie within our power to do.

We cannot create the wind or set it in motion, but we can set our sails to catch it when it comes; we cannot make the electricity, but we can stretch the wire along upon which it is to run and do its work; we cannot, in a word, control the Spirit, but we can so place ourselves before the Lord, and so do the things He has bidden us do, that we will come under the influence and power of His mighty breath.

“Cannot the same wonders be done now as of old? Where is the God of Elijah. He is waiting for Elijah to call on Him.”

The greatest saints who ever lived, whether under the Old or New Dispensation, are on a level which is quite within our reach. The same forces of the spiritual world which were at their command, and the exertion of which made them such spiritual heroes, are open to us also. If we had the same faith, the same hope, the same love which they exhibited, we would achieve marvels as great as those which they achieved. A word of prayer in our mouths would be as potent to call down the gracious dews and melting fires of God’s Spirit, as it was in Elijah’s mouth to call down literal rain and fire, if we could only speak the word with that full assurance of faith wherewith he said it. (Streams in the Desert)

It is far easier for me to have confidence in God than in myself. My struggle is not with whether or not the Father is able to rescue, but asking why in the world anyone, namely God, would bother to do so. At this point, it may be helpful to distinguish between biblical humility and low self-regard. Thesaurus.com offers a wide range of synonyms for “self-esteem,” including “faith in oneself.” While Scripture does not enjoin seeking greater faith in ourselves, it does promote surrender that amounts to thinking less of ourselves and much more of God. Humility and low self-esteem are not the same. Whereas low self-esteem is a deterrent to faith, humility facilitates faith by transferring trust from myself to the Father. You are a child of God; behave accordingly.

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