June 17

“Then there was a voice from above the platform over their heads when they stood still.” Ezekiel 1:25

People so often say, “How do you get the voice of the Lord?” Here is the secret. They heard the voice when they stood and let down their wings.

We have seen a bird with fluttering wings; though standing still, its wings are fluttering. But here we are told they heard the voice when they stood and had let down their wings.

Do we not sometimes kneel or sit before the Lord and yet feel conscious of a fluttering of our spirits? Not a real stillness in His presence.

How much time is lost by not letting down the wings of our spirit and getting very quiet before Him! Oh, the calm, the rest, the peace which come as we wait In His presence until we hear from Him! Then, ah then, we can go like lightning, and turn not as we go but go straight forward whithersoever the Spirit goes. (Streams in the Desert)

It is impossible to discern the voice of God when obsessed with my own. Self-centeredness is more devastating than one might suspect; the self-absorbed life is a godless life. When I define my own universe, the Creator is relegated to nothing more than tule and lace; He is mere adornment rather than the One I adore.

“The first thing God does is to give us a spiritual spring-cleaning; there is no possibility of pride left in a man after that” (O. Chambers).

A great many evils spread like cancer when the center shifts. Prayer becomes an attempt to manipulate rather than a path to intimacy. Ministry morphs into erecting my own kingdom rather than that of the Father. Instead of lifting Jesus so that He draws the world to Himself, I promote myself and people turn away to seek a more remarkable model. Selflessness tunes my heart to the harmony of Almighty God, and allows space for Him to work and receive all according praise.

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