“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29 :18

Waiting upon God is necessary in order to see Him, to have a vision of Him. The time element in vision is essential. Our hearts are like a sensitive photographer’s plate; and in order to have God revealed there, we must sit at His feet a long time. The troubled surface of a lake will not reflect an object. Our lives must be quiet and restful if we would see God. There is power in the sight of some things to affect one’s life. A quiet sunset will bring peace to a troubled heart. Thus the vision of God always transforms human life.

Jacob saw God at Jabbok’s ford, and became Israel. The vision of God transformed Gideon from a coward into a valiant soldier. The vision of Christ changed Thomas from a doubting follower into a loyal, devout disciple.

But men have had visions of God since Bible times. William Carey saw God, and left his shoemaker’s bench and went to India. David Livingstone saw God, and left all to follow Him through the jungles of dark Africa. Scores and hundreds have had visions of God, and are today in the uttermost parts of the earth working for the speedy evangelization of the heathen. (Streams in the Desert)

The vision we need most is a right view of ourselves. Do yourself a favor just now and withdraw from the rat race long enough to be ruthfully honest. Be brutally frank—you have nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing games with memories. Ask, “Do I recall a previous moment when my heart leaned more toward Christ than it does right now?” If images and sensations come flooding back from an earlier time when you thrilled to Scripture and wanted nothing more than to bask in the presence of Christ and admonish others to do the same, do not balk but run back to that place. Refuse to pause at the altar of acceptability or convenience; race to brokenness. Fling yourself upon the memory and plead to God for dry bones to come back to life. This is His call and perfect will for your life—to abandon yourself to Christ in sweet communion and remain there, regardless of whatever distraction the enemy hurls at you.

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