Unexpected Book Signing

Yesterday was a first for me. I am accustomed to guest speaking for churches, and always enjoy the opportunity to meet new folks and speak into their lives, if only for a moment. There was every reason to expect Sunday morning to fall right into line with all those others before, but this time was different. To my utter amazement, my wife and I entered the narthex and found a table containing my book, “Ordinary Glory.” Pastor McBride had taken it upon himself to purchase copies of the book and inform his congregation that I was writer as well as preacher. A short while later—just before morning worship began, a gentleman came to where my wife and I were seated and asked me to autograph a copy for their church library. It was humbling and a bit surreal, to say the least. I am grateful to Dr. McBride and the sweet fellowship of Raymond Baptist Church in Raymond, New Hampshire for their thoughtfulness and gracious reception.

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