Be My Strength

I have changed the way I pray. I wish I could claim the transition as one of strategic intention; unfortunately, repeated failure and futility of effort are harsh but effective tutors, rendering me unable to perpetuate old prayer habits in their wake. Here is the spiritual bottom-line: I have moved from praying “God give me strength,” to the decidedly altered heart posture, “God be my strength.” What is at stake is far more than syntax. This is an imperative of desperation that shifts the object from me to Him. “Me” is the impotent and improper focus of anything. The fallout is obvious. I can no longer petition God to give me anything; rather, I recognize with each request that He encompasses everything I want and need.

God, be my joy.

God, be my strength.

God, be my song.

You get the picture. The deviation initially sounds minor and nuanced; in actuality, it is as major as the shifting of tetonic plates, altering the ground upon which you stand. Allow the Father to take your place as the center of your existence and your desire in all respects.

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