Convenient Memory

Scripture Reading:
Philippians 3

The Apostle Paul did not have in mind spiritual amnesia, nor was he advocating self-deception. His declaration is more akin to moving on than to pretending the past was something that it clearly wasn’t. We’ve probably all taken a stab at those mental maneuvers. At times I hide behind what may be termed convenient memory, hints of reality that I manipulate in order to ignore the more pressing truth of what I was or failed to be. In these mind games, the memory justifies the end.  What good is there in manufactured reminiscence? I am convinced that I never benefit from my past apart from brutal honesty. Wishing that things had been different does not make them so and actually distances me from any real growth and progress beyond the hurt or error or misguided choice. Truth is the only clear way to the Father and it is the only trustworthy way to myself. 

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