Scripture Reading:
Psalm 51


“It speaks in a way they cannot avoid hearing for themselves, which is the awesome power of words because, although there are times when they shield us from reality, at other times they assail us with it.” 

~ Frederick Buechner

Language speaks. At first glance, no statement could be more ridiculously obvious. Everybody knows that words are our means of communicating with one another; however, on second thought they contain more potential than that. Words build and destroy empires; language launches movements and topples them. Words determine destinies. The most powerful ones are what we say to ourselves if they are honest words. Transparent confession results in transformation if the word we speak afterward is forgiveness; in fact, this is the most powerful word in any language–forgiven. One may argue that love has more weight, but love that carries a grudge evaporates leaving no lasting impression. Forgiveness restores.

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