God Save America

The news media (including Fox News) and some well meaning people want us to believe that this election is about mere differences of opinion, and that once it is over we can simply put them behind us, join hands, and skip glibly forward into a future where biblical morality is distant memory relegated to the arena of impotent nostalgia. Make no mistake about it, this country has become a battlefield upon which critical issues of sanctity of life, biblical marriage, religious freedom, and democracy versus socialism are at stake. These moral issues are far too important for believers to relinquish to the secularists and all those on the left, regardless of the outcome (positive or negative) of any election.

Regardless of what results from delayed and hazy election results and who eventually prevails in the U.S. presidential election, one thing is crystal clear—a startling percentage (perhaps majority) of persons in this country now favor legalized murder of yet-to-be born children, redefining marriage and gender to be anything-goes, removing God from the pledge of allegiance and all other facets of public life, and a socialist form of government in which the State supersedes individual and state rights. Tragically, this could not have happened without vast numbers of Christians choosing to be complicit in the moral demise. For those reasons, I can no longer pray or sing “God bless America”; instead, my constant plea will be: “God save America.” The divine hand may already be in motion writing “Ichabod” (“my glory has departed”) across the portals of this country that once revered God Almighty, but surely it is not too late for God’s people to confess our sins, repent in sackcloth and ashes, and desperately turn to God as our only hope. In reality, He has always been our only hope. God save America.

(Personal photo taken during Prayer March 2020, Washington D.C.)

4 thoughts on “God Save America

  1. Dane it is so good to be receiving your comments once more . I have been wondering were your journey is taking you. Ido not know why my machine doesa pickup that you sent. I do wish to stay in contact and will pray for your work. It is time that Christians pray that our country will serve the Lord. If you are in my area lets do lunch or just visit.


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