Precipice of Socialism

I shared with my church in Waco last night that now more than ever we will need to be vigilant about maintaining congruence between what we profess and what we practice. The cultural tide in this country is swelling, and is not headed in a godward direction. It threatens to take out to sea all those who have built their spiritual houses on shifting sand of popular opinion and personal convenience. I am convinced that courageous disciples of Jesus in the United States will face unexpected and unfathomable persecution in the near future as this country runs hellbent pellmell down the precipice of socialism.

Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver from Missouri opened the 117th Congress in prayer, but he closed his prayer by saying, “Amen and a-woman.” Actions and words like those in the so called “prayer” before congress are not funny and cute. They are an offense to Almighty God, whose name by the way is not Brahma, Mohammed, Shiva, Krishna or Buddha. Get ready to stand Church at all costs. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

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